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Better Than a Blender

Are you struggling to find the perfect wedding gift? Would you like to give something more meaningful, more enduring than a blender? Consider the book Real Advice for the Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together, offering a rich combination of wisdom and fun. Author Samuel Murphy tells it like it is, not how things ‘should’ be, but by offering advice that passes the test for real people who are struggling with arguments, tight money, annoying in-laws and a messy house—as we all do at some point,” says publisher Monica Rix Paxson. “This book will literally change how you view things like your inevitable first fight and what your in-laws are coping with when their precious offspring runs off with you.”

Author Murphy is a seasoned researcher, writer and ‘un-therapist’ whose own marriage of many years produced four daughters and the popular Amazon bestseller “Real Advice for the Unemployed.” Where you’ll always see other marriage advice books doing the same old thing, in Real Advice for the Newlywed you’ll learn how to “read” your partner like a high-stakes poker player.

Real Advice for the Newlywed does this because understanding your partner’s nature and how they were nurtured will give you key insights. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit because readers will learn things that will help keep their marriage running smoothly not just for the first year, but for a lifetime.

“Real Advice for the Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together” offers a better option than financial planners, marriage counselors or religious advisors,” suggests Paxson. “This book doesn’t assume you have extra money to invest, or that you are dealing with hard-core issues like cheating or alcoholism or that you want your spiritual advice from a how-to book. Its advice is surprisingly upbeat and frank at times and it is full of stories and good humor. But mostly it offers the insight and wisdom of a generous author who understands what newlyweds today are really dealing with.”

This alone is predicted to make this Relentlessly Creative Books title a popular and unique gift for engagements and weddings. The book is available on and through the publisher’s website at

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