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The Secret of the Haunted House: A Tiny Horsies Adventure

The Secret of the Haunted House: A Tiny Horsies Adventure

When Did You Last Take the Kid's on an Exciting Adventure?

This is the perfect way to engage your kids in imaginative play. Tiny Horsies can be easily adapted for a wide range of ages and even grown ups like to get in on the fun.

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About the Book

Tiny Horsies is a role playing game for kids, fans of My Little Pony and their friends and families. The rule book is for sale under the name Tiny Horsies: The Role Playing Game.

Tiny Horsies: The Secret of the Haunted House is an adventure that expands the original game by giving a Horsie Master a guide, a plot, new characters, and maps to run a new adventure through the spooky and mysterious mysteries of an abandoned mansion. The adventure is meant for a small party (2 to 4 players) of levels 1 to 4, although it can be adapted to more players or higher levels easily.

The basic premise of the game: Your friend Skip has dared you to spend the night in an old, abandoned house, which is rumored to be haunted by a ghost. You take on the challenge because going to explore an old house is fun, and because ghosts don’t really exist, do they? But then, why are there eerie sounds and unexplained events happening in almost every room?

In order to play this adventure, the group needs to have at least one copy of Tiny Horsies: The Role Playing Game, published by Relentlessly Creative Books, and be familiar with its rules.

Genre: Children’s & Games
Tags: Bronies, Brony, Fantasy, Flippy, Games, My Little Pony, Role Playing Games, Tiny Horsies
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1942790104
ISBN: 1942790104
Dara Teaches How to Play Tiny Horsies
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About the Author

Flippy is an author, translator, language teacher, and brony. For years, he led pen-and-paper RPG players in adventures he created himself, often starting with scenarios from the various video games he played with friends. Over the years, Flippy learned the fine points for achieving game balance—an essential quality that leads to an enjoyable experience for all players.

Flippy learned about life by traveling and living in Canada, France, Greece, Mexico, and Spain. In his free time, he likes to take photos, play video games, go out with his friends, and play with his dog.


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