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Recreation Nation: Work Less, Play More, Make America Great Again

Recreation Nation: Work Less, Play More, Make America Great Again

What would you do with leisure time if you had it? (Does anyone remember what leisure time is?)

Do we really need to work so much? Will AI and robotic technology offer us increased leisure and reduced debt? Or will our corporate overlords grab it all?

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About the Book

This is a book about freedom. Your freedom. Our freedom.

Would you like to experience freedom in the form of time to do what you want: time to relax, rest, play, travel, enjoy your family, serve your community, volunteer for your school or church, take up a new hobby, cook healthy food, start a new business?

This book is about the freedom you’ve already earned by being incredibly productive. The USA is the most productive nation in the world. According to the Economic Policy Institute, since 1979 our productivity has increased 64.7%—a remarkable achievement—the result of your hard work and innovation. Yet hourly pay has increased only 14.8%. In other words, our productivity has grown 4.4 times as much as our pay.

No wonder we are exhausted and deep in debit. We should have been paid significantly more money. Nor have we received more vacation time, shorter workdays, or fewer days in the workweek. Working without the reward you have earned is a form of slavery.

As artificial intelligence and robotics arrive in the workplace, we are at a crossroads. Will all the benefits be sucked up by corporate employers who simply seek to replace us? Or will we receive our fair share of the benefits? And how can we assure that We the People control this part of our future?

Perhaps the place to start is by better understanding and using of our vast, locally controlled network of parks, recreation facilities, and meeting spaces, and getting to know those public recreation professionals who are already dedicated to serving us. And that’s just the beginning.

Genres: Biography & Memoir, Business & Career, Health & Fitness, History, Politics, Sports
Tags: Health, History, Jim Stamborski, Recreation, Revolutions, Science, Sports
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Paperback
Length: 382
ASIN: 1942790252
ISBN: 1942790252

List Price: 29.75
"Recreation Nation" by Jim Stamborski is an exploration of the transformative power of recreational activities and their profound impact on individuals and communities. Through a blend of personal anecdotes, historical insights, and compelling analysis, Stamborski paints a vivid portrait of how recreation has shaped his life and the broader American experience. From childhood adventures in the great outdoors to formative experiences in community programs, his story serves as a testament to the profound influence of recreation on individual well-being and fulfillment. Moreover, the book delves into thought-provoking contemporary issues, challenging readers to consider why Americans work harder than ever without reaping the benefits of increased leisure time and shorter work weeks. The author raises poignant questions about the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few super-rich individuals and its impact on societal well-being and equity. "Recreation Nation" offers valuable insights and inspiration for building a brighter future for all, making it a must-read for anyone passionate about creating a more equitable and vibrant society.
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About the Author
Jim Stamborski

“Jim Stamborski’s career in local government and parks and recreation agencies spans a little over four decades. As an avid reader of periodicals, magazines, and newspapers covering political and historical events of the day, his undergraduate degree reflected his lifelong curiosity as his major course of study underscored a deeper knowledge of political science and history. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and began a career in public parks and recreation. Shortly after that, he received a Master of Science degree from George Williams College at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois. His 40-year career includes positions in Illinois, a year working as a Recreation Director for an American company in Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia, and 14 years in North Miami, Florida, eventually retiring the Asst. Director of Parks and Recreation. He has been a contributor of articles to professional association magazines, including the National Recreation and Parks Association Magazine, focusing on the recreation profession and the relationship to quality government. Several programs he developed over the years received nation and local recognition.”


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