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Real Advice for the Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together

Real Advice for the Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together

Genres: How To, Self-Help
Tags: Advice, Financial Planning, Life Planning, Marriage, Newlywed, Real Advice, Recommended Books, Relationships, Samuel Murphy
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 218
ISBN: 9781942790020

Down-to-earth real-world advice for dealing with in-laws, money, arguments, household chores, etc. offered based on extensive research and life experience by “untherapist,” straight-talking and best-selling author, Samuel Murphy.

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About the Book

The “Just Married” life can be full of pitfalls with questions, challenges, problems and unfamiliar territory. Real Advice For The Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together helps you cope with and solve potential problems such as the in-laws, avoiding financial arguments, and who does what chores, to planning your family, getting through petty squabbles and so much more. Use Real Advice For The Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together as your wise, straight-talking, makes-you-smile guidebook to a happy, fulfilling married life.

“I encourage anyone who is about to get married, recently married, or been at it for nearly a lifetime, read this book. I did and I loved it.”—Mark Waters, Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Author of Three Days In Heaven

“This book will definitely get you through your 1st year of marriage…and beyond.” —Olivia Greenwood

“So insightful as well as humorous. A must read manual for every couple.” —Jennifer Strobl

“Talk about hitting the nail on the head! Murphy truly understands married life. A must read.” —Judy Fox

“Making my new husband read it now.” —Devin Haas

We call our series “Real Advice” because sometimes that’s what you need so life doesn’t suck. (Vol. 1 is Real Advice for the Unemployed…coming soon).

About the Author
Samuel Murphy

Best-selling author, editor and raconteur, Samuel Murphy, former educator and CEO of The William Murphy Advertising Agency, spent several years researching family and marital relationships, child rearing, unemployment and personal finances. Much of the data from his research resulted in the publishing of his first book, Real Advice for the Unemployed and the second in the series, Real Advice for the Newlywed. Murphy’s frank and friendly style, perfected in many articles and short stories involving the poignant and personal side of life that revolves around the impact of personal choices and significant changes in peoples’ lives—especially when those choices are made during stressful times. Mr. Murphy lives in a log home that he constructed on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida with his wife, children and many animals.

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