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White Hats, Swamp Creatures and QAnon: A Who’s Who of SpyGate

White Hats, Swamp Creatures and QAnon: A Who’s Who of SpyGate

It’s Everything The Media Wasn’t Telling You

This book is an encyclopedia of SpyGate. It reveals what really happened while the mainstream media was yelling “Russia Russia Russia” every day for nearly three years. That lie was both an attack on the President and a false narrative designed to hide the things in this book from you. A new day is dawning. Enjoy the show.

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About the Book

This is a book for desperately polarized times.

If you are dazed and confused by the events of the day, you are probably on the right track. This book will help you sort things out by offering real information about people and events and hundreds of fact-filled resources. You may not like what you learn, but we can’t build a worthwhile future on anything less than the truth.

If you think you know it all already, for example, if you are convinced that Hillary should have won and Trump is (you fill in the blank), please consider the possibility that there is a whole lot more to the story you haven’t a clue about. And unless you prefer sitting in the dark, consider opening your mind just enough to let in a little light and then make up your mind.

This is a book that asks and answers a few key questions: Why would the mainstream media, the self-proclaimed providers of truth and accuracy, feed us a daily diet of a lie about Russia, Russia, Russia for three years, especially when they could have discredited that story themselves if they were doing their job? And why did they all agree on the lies? Who were they protecting? What were they covering up?

We’ve been listening to masters of deception and creators of a coverup that will blow your mind—multiple times. And when things get weirder (and more evil) than you ever thought possible, you are going to want a guide to all the players and the key events that happened around and since the 2016 election. This book delivers. It is as current as tonight’s news, but a whale of a lot more accurate.

White Hats, Swamp Creatures and QAnon: A Who’s Who of SpyGate is an encyclopedia of the intrigues and people involved in lying, leaking, corruption, and treason, and the good guys who oppose them. This book documents perhaps the most important story of our lives and certainly accurately paints the big-picture story of our own economic and mental enslavement.

In fact, this book offers truths that could set us free if we’ll let it. So, share it with friends, family, co-workers and anyone you care about. You’ll be giving them a fighting chance to weather the coming storm.

Genre: Politics
Tags: Captain Roy D, Q, QAnon, Swamp Creatures, White Hats, WWG1WGA
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1942790163
ISBN: 9781942790167
List Price: 25.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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About the Author
Captain Roy D

Patriot / Q-Scribe / Merchant Marine Officer
General Flynn's Army of Digital Soldiers
Live on my boat in FL-Single-looking for G/F
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