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K.O. Power Workout Blueprint and Training Log

K.O. Power Workout Blueprint and Training Log

World-Class Coach Helps You Design and Execute Your Own Unique Workout Plan

If you are a boxer, kickboxer or MMA fighter or fighter-in-training, this book offers you world-class coaching from Mark Ginther, best-selling author and highly experienced strength and conditioning trainer. You no longer have to figure it out on your own. This book will take you step-by-step through the process of setting goals and designing a program for achieving them by planning and tracking your unique workouts.

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About the Book
This Book Offers the Most Direct Route to Achieving Your Goals

K.O. Power Workout Blueprint and Training Log by coach Mark Ginther, helps fighters design workout routines that incorporate concepts like periodization, maximal strength, explosive power, etc., to systematically achieve personal goals. Whether you are familiar with training methods such as plyometrics, modified Olympic lifts, or ballistics movements, or are just starting out, you’ll learn how to use training methods effectively and track your progress with training logs as you achieve those goals.

K.O. Power Workout Blueprint and Training Log includes log sheets
for planning and tracking your workouts.

Get it All: Strength, Power, Speed and Endurance

Certain training methodologies can complement each other or clash in such a way that they are ineffective or even counterproductive and once we’ve got our strength training all worked out, how do we effectively integrate it with endurance training and our technical and tactical training?

Theory Alone Won’t Get You There

The K.O. Power Workout Blueprint and Training Log bridges the gap between theory and practical application. Taking the guesswork out of program design, The Blueprint will help you identify how and when to use the various (and sometimes confusing) training concepts and methodologies.

This Book is a Power Tool for Achieving K.O. Power

The Blueprint is a practical, step-by-step guide taking fighters-in-training through all of the various criteria needed to put together your own unique integrated program. Designed as a tool to augment the popular book K.O. Power: Complete Strength Training for Devastating Punches, Kicks, and Throws, it can also work on its own if one has some previous experience with training concepts.


Genre: Health & Fitness
Tags: Boxing, Conditioning, Health, Kickboxing, Mark Ginther, MMA
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Publication Year: 2018
Format: 7.5" x 9.25" paperback
ASIN: 1942790120
ISBN: 9781942790129
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About the Author
Mark Ginther

Mark Ginther is a martial artist, former competitive kickboxer, fight coach, strength & conditioning coach and author with over 35 years’ experience.

Mark has trained and sparred with some of the greats, including UFC champion, Maurice Smith at the original AMC Kickboxing, later becoming the strength coach for the new AMC Kickboxing & Pankration under Matt Hume, as well as (stand-up) sparring partner for future UFC champion, Josh Barnett.

Mark has coached top professional and amateur fighters in the USA, Japan and Thailand (including UFC heavyweight contender, Mark Hunt), and has written for many of the top publications in the industry. His book, K.O. Power: Complete Strength Training for Devastating Punches, Kicks & Throws has been on the Amazon Bestsellers list for Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and Martial Arts for over a year (often in the top ten and reaching #6 in MMA and #2 in Boxing).

In Japan, Mark was the strength & conditioning coach, kickboxing coach and corner man for Athletic Enterprise; training such fighters as Mark Hunt, Peter Graham, Nicholas Pettas and Bob Sapp. While in Japan he also began writing a long-running strength & conditioning column for Full Contact Fighter, which was reprinted in Japanese in Ironman Japan.

In Thailand, Mark was the Head Striking Coach at Bangkok Fight Lab, heading the boxing program, teaching K-1 rules kickboxing and providing striking coaching for MMA fighters. In the one year he spent at Fight Lab, seven of his boxers competed in a total of 13 fights with 11 wins, 2 draws, and 0 losses.

Mark also help launch The Hook Boxing Gym, the first ever boxing gym in Kuwait, where he coached boxing, kickboxing, and strength & conditioning.

After nearly 20 years training and coaching abroad, Mark has returned to his home base in the USA, where he is currently striking coach at West Coast Fight Team in Auburn, Washington.


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