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About Relentlessly Creative Books

We are passionately engaged in the work we do: Publishing and marketing books using a 21st Century approach to serve both our readers and our authors. We’ve cut loose from some of the old traditions in favor of building new ways of connecting. Here are some of the ways we are different:


We Connect with Readers

We want to make life more fascinating and fun for our readers. For example, in the past, authors were remote, unreachable. You might get to shake an author’s hand at a bookstore, but no deeper connection was available.

Our authors genuinely want to connect with you. They have blogs, web pages and email addresses. They post on Facebook and Goodreads. We invite you to get to know them. They would like to know you too. We’re exploring new ways of connecting with our readers all the time and we’d like you to be a part of it.

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We’re Good to the Environment

We use  technology to reduce or eliminate environmental waste and unnecessary fuel use. For example, we make nearly every title we publish available as both a printed-on-demand book and an e-book to reduce inventory storage and the waste that results from pulping books. (Pulping is the Publishing Industry’s Dirty Little Secret)

We believe in keeping shipping costs and fuel used in transporting books to a minimum because it is the right thing to do. Traditional publishing often involves printing books that are then shipped to warehouses, then shipped to retail stores, then shipped to readers or sometimes even shipped back to publishers. Our print books are typically shipped only once: directly to you.

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We Offer Authors a Middle Path

In the past, authors have had two options: traditional or self publishing. Each of these approaches had both advantages and significant drawbacks. Now Relentlessly Creative Books now offers a third option that we call “middle-path publishing™” blending the best features of both, plus a whole lot more.

If you would like to get to market quickly, to earn excellent royalties, to receive marketing support and coaching from a best-selling author, learn about Relentlessly Creative Book’s middle-path publishing approach today. Subscribe below and respond to the confirmation email and you’ll be able to immediately download the white paper that will give you all the details.



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