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Adam B. Dorfman

Curiosity is something that drives us to find answers along our unique life paths. For me, Adam B. Dorfman, that path began with an MBA at the University of Toronto and with several years in the capital markets before I eventually began to consider a career in science. I then spent a couple of years studying the frontiers of different fields, with each new revelation revealing that many of our global industries and lifestyles were about to change. After founding the website, where I continued to interview leading scientists in these new, unique fields of study, I found conviction to write the book, Conceptual Revolutions in Science. This book is designed to help you explore these new findings in a fast-paced format, so you can stretch your view of reality, in the hopes that it will have a profound impact on your life. It provides a modern scientific framework from which to observe the world and offers people the encouragement and knowledge to pursue the most amazing innovations in our global industries.

Conceptual Revolutions in Science

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