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Ditka Quotes from the Chicago Years

Ditka Quotes from the Chicago Years

The most colorful character in sports history is back!

“Our definition of quick hands was a guy who could steal hubcaps off a car that was moving.” Mike Ditka

Whether touting his restaurant or telling the media to go back to sleep, Mike Ditka told it like it was leaving us speechless. This best-of-the-best book offers great history, great quotes and cover artwork that is in a class of its own. You are going to like this book so much you might even buy it.

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About the Book

This is an iconic book of quotations and history that takes a reader on an inspirational stroll through the years when Mike Ditka and the Chicago Bears built a winning team. Travel from Ditka’s first press conference as the new head coach, through the struggles, challenges and victories leading to winning Super Bowl XX and beyond. Readers will recall (or newly discover) not only what coach Ditka had to say about life, football and winning, but how the world reacted to Ditka as a compelling leader and member of the Hall of Fame.

With the passage of time, many fans would agree that Ditka’s down-to-earth appeal and laser focus on what it takes to be a winner, is classic inspirational wisdom. Whether you are from the generation that lived many of the moments described in the book, or you are a new arrival to adulthood facing personal challenges of your own, you will appreciate the directness, authenticity and surprising wisdom and good humor of this remarkable man.

We are living through an era when it seems that every game broadcast is predictable while corporate advertising and political correctness seem to dominate the sport of football. Ditka reminds us that the hard work and passionate desire of a team consisting of everymen (or Grabowskis as Ditka put it) can overcome the odds and transform a game associated with the big bucks to one that can elevate the game of life for all of us.

As a major bonus, the book’s cover artwork by Dan Duffy of Art of Words, sets this book apart making it the perfect gift for fans of the Chicago Bears and Mike Ditka.


Genres: History, Sports
Tags: Dan Duffy, Football, Jim Stamborski
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books LLC
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: 194279021X
ISBN: 9781942790211
List Price: 15.95
eBook Price: 6.95
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About the Author
Jim Stamborski

“Jim Stamborski’s career in local government and parks and recreation agencies spans a little over four decades. As an avid reader of periodicals, magazines, and newspapers covering political and historical events of the day, his undergraduate degree reflected his lifelong curiosity as his major course of study underscored a deeper knowledge of political science and history. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and began a career in public parks and recreation. Shortly after that, he received a Master of Science degree from George Williams College at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois. His 40-year career includes positions in Illinois, a year working as a Recreation Director for an American company in Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia, and 14 years in North Miami, Florida, eventually retiring the Asst. Director of Parks and Recreation. He has been a contributor of articles to professional association magazines, including the National Recreation and Parks Association Magazine, focusing on the recreation profession and the relationship to quality government. Several programs he developed over the years received nation and local recognition.”


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