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BethAnon is a wife, mother, grandmother, lover of God. She has traveled the world and enjoyed a life of incredible beauty and appreciation. Beth is a lover of books, a person who makes the effort to search a matter out, and a lover of truth. This is what brought her to dive into everything Trump in 2015, when she first heard of The Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor. This search became a relentless pursuit, guided by God, to connect all of the prophecies that she could find about Trump from all over the world. In 2017, with the appearance of the Great Awakening, her immersion only grew stronger. What started out as a search for the real Donald John Trump, quickly became a fight for our religious freedom and freedom in general, with the threat of socialism/communism rising against the American people. As we come up to this election to restore our Republic, we must stand in our authentic divinity against the beast system, in all its manifestations. Donald Trump is chosen by God for this time, to lead the charge for the Restoration of our Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. As America regains her Sovereignty, the rest of the world will follow and that is why people all over the world are praying for President Trump. After the swamp is drained it is time for peace on earth. Amen Selah.

Love Joy Trump: A Chorus of Prophetic Voices

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