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Love, Joy, Trump

Long before there was a President Trump, back when the world considered Donald Trump a real estate mogul, a television superstar, and a playboy jet setter, individuals scattered around the world began having visions and speaking prophetically about a future Trump...

Are You a Fool for Felines?

New Title Available Early May Here is a sneak peek at a new all-color, lavishly illustrated book that shares the secrets of cat language. If you would like to understand your pussy’s meows, you will appreciate this guide, first published in the 1800s and updated with...

Don’t Read This Book

Coming soon! It’s a book about all you missed while the media was screaming Russia, Russia, Russia! What was so almighty important they didn’t want you to pay attention to? Oh look! There’s a bird! I am Not a Swamp Creature Swamp creature? What are you? Some kind of...

Coming Soon from Mother of Dogs

The Mother of Dogs is bringing you an A to eZ BooK™ about how to get rid of dog’s and cat’s worst enemies! (A to eZ BooKs means all the basics in a bite-sized book.) If you’ve been bitten by fleas, now you can bite back.

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