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Don’t Read This Book

Coming soon! It’s a book about all you missed while the media was screaming Russia, Russia, Russia! What was so almighty important they didn’t want you to pay attention to? Oh look! There’s a bird! I am Not a Swamp Creature Swamp creature? What are you? Some kind of...

Coming Soon from Mother of Dogs

The Mother of Dogs is bringing you an A to eZ BooK™ about how to get rid of dog’s and cat’s worst enemies! (A to eZ BooKs means all the basics in a bite-sized book.) If you’ve been bitten by fleas, now you can bite back.

New Tiny Horsies Book & RPG Adventure

The world of Tiny Horsies is expanding! The popular Tiny Horsies: The Role Playing Game by author Flippy will soon be joined by two new Tiny Horsies projects. Soon children and their parents will be able to read a Tiny Horsies Story book entitled The Kindheart Gang...

Vampire Invasion Coming Soon

There is nothing like a vampire book to keep you up nights turning the pages. This one certainly will, although these vampires are…. how shall we say… different, but in a good way. Relentlessly Creative Books is thrilled to announce the signing of author...

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