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Tom Huskerson

Internet Analyst Tom Huskerson, author of a series of books on digital security published by Relentlessly Creative Books, received the African-American Authors Expo recognition award at its annual book fair. The African-American Authors Expo is held annually and is a gathering of black writers from all genres. Tom received the recognition award for his books on Internet safety and security.
Fellow writer Cheri Lockman said, “There were so many black authors there representing so many genres but Tom arrived with the most unique offering. He was the only author who focused on the Internet. He deserved all the praise.”

“I am extremely proud and thankful of the recognition. I truly enjoyed being among other African-American Authors. I intend to continue pushing my message to black people everywhere that the Internet can help all people achieve their dreams but they must be cautious and educated to what it can for them and to them if they are not careful.”
Tom continues to write in the African-American Cyber Report about the latest Internet news and developments. Tom is also working on his fourth book “The Spying Game; The Age of Information.” The book is scheduled for release in early 2015.

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