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Updates & New Releases

Vampire Invasion Coming Soon

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There is nothing like a vampire book to keep you up nights turning the pages. This one certainly will, although these vampires are…. how shall we say… different, but in a good way. Relentlessly Creative Books is thrilled to announce the signing of author Ellen Chauvet to publish her premier novel, When Darkness Falls. We look forward to the April 9th launch when Ellen and her friends will be having  a bloody good time as vampires in the U.K. would say. Join our Readers Group and we’ll keep you posted.

Ravenous Reader Reviews RCBs!

Conceptual love fingers on red wood“Words, words, words. What’s in a name? One of the best and most accurate business names I know of is Relentlessly Creative Books started by author, publisher, all-around amazing woman, Monica Rix Paxson. I have read three of RCB’s titles and am currently reading a fourth. I encourage you to visit Relentlessly Creative Books’ Facebook page.” —Paula Jones March Cohen

Real Advice for the Newlywed Arrives

Best-selling author, Samuel Murphy and friends will be lifting a toast to the newly completed Real Advice for the Newlywed: Planning Your Life Together as it rolls off the presses Sept. 25th. This book offers the dazed and confused couple (who’ve probably crash landed into reality after the honeymoon) advice about the value of those inevitable first fights, how to read your partner’s “tells” and exactly how to handle the in-laws without getting trapped in a squeeze play and more. As you might gather from the cover, this is a fun, irreverent book, yet jam-packed with straight talk about what it takes to have a great marriage and dodge the pit vipers.


Ponzi Scheme to Hit RCBs

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It was the greatest scam of the 20th Century, involving thousands of people and millions of dollars, yet never a gun was drawn. Charles Ponzi, the man with the midas touch and the brains, audacity and charm to invent an amazing scheme that would forevermore bear his name, was able to con the whole East Coast into handing over their life savings. Ponzi: The Prince of Pi Alley is a historical novelization by author L.F. Garcia. Watch for it!

RCBs Lands Deal with Popular Author

Option 2

Relentlessly Creative Books is proud to announce that we’ve just signed a two-book publishing agreement with popular author Samuel Murphy. The books, Real Advice For the Newlywed and a revised edition of Real Advice for the Unemployed, will be published as part of a series of “Real Advice” books. Murphy offers serious advice about critical high-stress life events with a lighthearted perspective that helps even the most panicked reader achieve calmness and restored sanity.

NEW! Tiny Horsies by Flippy

Tiny Horsies: The Role Playing Game, by Relentlessly Creative author Flippy, has just been released. This book is designed for the fans of what we are calling “Tiny Horsies,” is a  pen-and-paper style role playing game (RPG) for all ages. The book includes “How to Play” for beginners, a guide for the Game Master and a starting adventure with lots of pictures of tiny horsies. It is available in print and downloadable watermarked pdf format to make it easier for children and teens (who don’t typically have ebook devices). This book offers hours of fun for friends and families.

What Readers Are Saying

Very well written and extremely well researched. Found I could not put this book down. Loved the Key Points at the end of each of the chapters.

—Diane Thorton, Amazon Reviewer


K.O. Power is excellent both for the seasoned athlete or coach as well as the absolute beginner…

Ikuyo Suzuki

This book is insightful and well written, and should be mandatory for any patient seeking medical care in Mexico.”

—Patrick Goodness

CEO, The Goodness Company


Well researched book about an often overlooked important figure in American aviation history.

Ed Phillips

Aviation Historian & Author


Excellent well written book with a ton of facts and info for both the well seasoned and those curious and new to the topic.

A. Poole

I really liked playing Tiny Horsies. It was different than a board game cause I got to use my imagination!


Reviewer, Dara Teaches How to Play

Conceptual Revolutions in Science
An unusual, highly readable compendium of insights. . . . I couldn’t put it down.
Dr. Gerald H. Pollack

Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington

Our Award-Winning Authors

RCB’s author Mark Ginther’s book K.O. Power has been an Amazon bestseller for over 2 years.

Monica Rix Paxson, RCB author of My Life on Earth, is a Benjamin Franklin Award winner for Dead Mars, Dying Earth.

Allen Smith Wins a Evvy Book Award

RCB’s author Allen Smith wins EVVY Award for Monkey in a Pink Canoe.

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