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Updates & New Releases

Congrats to Blurry Creatures!

5 Million Downloads!!! You guys done good!

We are happy to join Dr. Laura Sanger in congratulating Luke and & Nate, producers of the podcast Blurry Creatures (where Laura is a frequent guest), for their landmark achievement of 5 million downloads. If you haven’t been introduced, click here and meet the most fun and fascinating podcasts to be heard on the three inner planets in the Blurryverse.

Da Ditka Book is Here!

Da Ditka Book is Here!

Here is a look at the cover art for our new release entitled Ditka Quotes from the Chicago Years by author Jim Stamborski. You can read more about it on our book page. We consider this book to be a collectors item. Not only does it share Ditka’s most memorable moments during the years he was head coach of the Chicago Bears and the history of that time period, the cover is an amazing portrait of Mike Ditka. The artwork was created by the Art of Words artist Dan Duffy. Dan writes each original piece by hand, using only words relevant to the subject. Each original takes at least 50 hours to complete, with larger pieces taking upwards of 200 hours.

Yes, There Be Giants!

Do you know the book The Creature from Jekyll Island? That book talks about the founding of the Federal Reserve. But this book tells the real story of how it all began, all the way back to the days before Noah’s great flood. And it starts with a race of giant humanoids, ones that the Bible calls Nephilim.

If you like a story that weaves history, archeology, Egyptology, symbolism, 20th Century robber barons, and the forces of good vs evil, you will love the amazing trip through time that author Laura Sanger takes readers on.

The Roots of the Federal Reserve: Tracing the Nephlim from Noah to the US Dollar, newly released in both print and eBook versions, has 553 references, making this fascinating read both a scholarly work and one heck of an amazing trip through hidden history.

We Can Change the World with Love and Joy

3D Cover—Love Joy Trump: A Chorus of Prophetic Voices

Long before there was a President Trump, back when the world considered Donald Trump a real estate mogul, a television superstar, and a playboy jet setter, individuals scattered around the world began having visions and speaking prophetically about a future Trump presidency. This “Chorus of Prophetic Voices,” as we are calling them, told of a flawed but powerful man, growing in his spiritual convictions and, thwarted over and over, but ultimately persisting in his mission to lead the world in a war between good and evil. Compiled by author BethAnon, Love Joy Trump was just released.

Don’t Read This Book

Coming soon!

It’s a book about all you missed while the media was screaming Russia, Russia, Russia!

What was so almighty important they didn’t want you to pay attention to? Oh look! There’s a bird!

I am Not a Swamp Creature

Swamp creature? What are you? Some kind of conspiracy theorist? There aren’t any swamp creatures.

If you liked our last book, and even if you didn’t, you are going to love this one.

Coming in September.

We Have a #1 Best Seller

Congratulations to RCB’s best selling author Mark Ginther! His book K.O. Power just became the #1 best seller in the Boxing category on Amazon. This is our first #1 book! Thank you RCB readers and the many fighters who read and train with coach Ginther.

What Readers Are Saying

This is an excellent read for those willing to open their mind to a new concept and way of solving the challenges the country faces. This is an excellent read for those American’s fed up with the status quo.

—Bruce Peeper, Amazon Reviewer

Very well written and extremely well researched. Found I could not put this book down. Loved the Key Points at the end of each of the chapters.

—Diane Thorton, Amazon Reviewer


K.O. Power is excellent both for the seasoned athlete or coach as well as the absolute beginner…

Ikuyo Suzuki


Well researched book about an often overlooked important figure in American aviation history.

Ed Phillips

Aviation Historian & Author

Conceptual Revolutions in Science
An unusual, highly readable compendium of insights. . . . I couldn’t put it down.
Dr. Gerald H. Pollack

Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington

Our Award-Winning Authors

RCB’s author Mark Ginther’s book K.O. Power has been an Amazon bestseller for over 2 years.

Monica Rix Paxson, RCB author of My Life on Earth, is a Benjamin Franklin Award winner for Dead Mars, Dying Earth.

Allen Smith Wins a Evvy Book Award

RCB’s author Allen Smith wins EVVY Award for Monkey in a Pink Canoe.

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